Dental Services

Proper oral and dental care is essential to your horse’s overall health and well-being.  Chicago Equine recommends routine dental examinations by a licensed veterinarian.  A thorough examination of your horse’s mouth will ensure it is balanced appropriately and any problems are caught early and corrected.  The goal of this protocol is to be proactive in maintaining the comfort and function of your horse’s teeth for many years to come.

A variety of dental services can be performed at your barn or boarding location:

  • dental examinations
  • routine balancing (also known as “floating”)
  • dental radiography
  • uncomplicated extractions
  • management of periodontal disease

Chicago Equine also offer more advanced procedures at our facility.  Our veterinarians collaborate with Chicago Equine’s board certified surgeon and outside veterinary dental specialists in order to provide your horse with the most complete care possible.